When I Got Stuck and Needed a Tow Truck in Harriman NY

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary my wife and I decided to take a road trip to Harriman NY. This was where we met as teenagers, this was where our love had blossomed and grown into this beautiful marriage. It was a two hour drive from where we now lived. My sister in law would baby sit the kids, Kate our daughter was 17 and her brother, Andy was 15. They weren’t kids anymore.

We set out early in the morning so that we could have breakfast in our favorite coffee shop in Harriman NY. The town had changed much since we moved out but going back was always filled with nostalgia. I had burnt a CD with our favorite songs and I promptly slot it in for a husband and wife sing along. The journey went well for about an hour and just when we were entering the outskirts of Chester NY.

I heard a hissing sound, one that was all too familiar. My tire was losing air, I gently pressed the brakes and swerved off the main highway, Route 17. I hopped out of the vehicle and examined the tires. I could change the tire myself but the joint pains I had from arthritis would only worsen. My wife discouraged the idea immediately. She suggested I call our tow truck in Harriman NY. Now this was a smart call I had to admit as I had them on a retainer and had barely used them 5 times. I took my phone from through the window and placed a call to Chester Tow Truck service. A friendly reassuring voice picked up at the other end and within minutes they had my location.

They gave me an estimated arrival time. I was glad I subscribed for their towing service; one never knew when these incidents could occur. Our saloon car was a vintage car, my father had passed it down to me and I hope to one day pass it to my son. I maintained it well and I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving it in the middle of the highway even though Middletown NY was relatively safer than other cities I have lived in. That tow truck company was a reliable tow service; they provided towing services that covered the whole of Monroe, Harriman and Goshen NY.  I was very confident they would come get us this morning so I turned down the offer by a young couple who offered to help us. I told them I had someone coming. I increased the radio and we both listened to music while we waited.

Most towing companies offer premium services such as: towing, recovery, lockouts- if you get locked out of your car, Jumpstarts, fuel delivery and any emergency service you may require whilst on the road. These incidents happen and you can never be too prepared and that was the reason why I opted to call for a tow truck in Middletown.

A tow truck arrived in 30 minutes and we were on our way shortly. We still had a breakfast of pancakes at the coffee shop we both preferred. If you ever get stranded in Monroe NY or neighboring towns you can depend on the local tow truck service and I recommend their 24 hour service number ahead of time as they get you out of any tight spot.