Blank Journals That You Pack Full of Joy

Do you sometimes feel that your life is spent in the fast lane, taking care of business, errands, school work or whatever, with nary a moment for yourself? Take heart, because there are a lot of us out there. At times, our lives can be so fragmented with a million little details to attend to, we don’t know if we’re coming or going. You may not even have a half-hour to spare in continuous free time. Sound familiar? Everyone needs a little quiet time every now and then. Here’s one way you can spend that precious quarter or half hour, alleviate some of that frustration and build some memories.

Blank journals have been around for a long time. They used to be quite plain, with black vinyl covers and blank pages inside. They were sold in art supplies and some stationery stores, intended for use by writers and artists. Today, blank journals have come a long way. Now you find them in book stores, greeting card shops and even at the local discount store. Elaborate designs and a variety of finishes are used for the cover. Some have lovely art work or reproductions of famous paintings and others are made of artsy fabric or cloth. Blank journals now come with unlined or lined paper inside, so you can use them for writing or drawing.

Even if you think you haven’t got a creative bone in your body, blank journals are an absolutely sweet remedy for the frustrations of this too fast paced world, while also being a ready record of the fleeting joys. There’s something about a blank page – it begs to be filled.

Let’s say you got just 15 minutes before you’ve got to run off to some appointment. Here’s what you do. Let’s say you had a really sweet moment with one of your kids. A month from now, it may be forgotten. Write down how that little bit of time made you feel and how your child looked and what was said. If something has really annoyed you today, put that annoyance in its place. Vent on the page of that blank journal. Say whatever you want. It’s your private journal. In just 15 minutes, you’ve given a moment to your thoughts and reflections and created a record for the day.

Maybe your day has been fairly unremarkable. We do have days like that. Still, take a few minutes to doodle in your blank journal, much like we did in class when we were bored and thought we had all the answers. Doodling is fun and when you look back at your entries months later, the silly scribbles may bring a smile to your face.

Blank journals should be carried with you, so you can record your thoughts or sketch a drawing when the mood hits and you’ve got a minute. Why be bored waiting at the doctor’s office? Build memories as you grab a moment for yourself.