Small Apartment Living in the City

We are in the stage in our life where are children are busy establishing themselves. We have two sons. They are both done with college and are starting in their careers. Our oldest son has a degree in marketing and has started employment with a mid-sized company. He is renting a small apartment in the downtown area of a large city. He is able to walk through a series of skywalks from his apartment to his office without ever having to go outside. There are grocery stores and restaurants in the skywalk system so he rarely has to drive anywhere.

His small apartment does cost quite a bit. He asked me to help him create a nice living space until he can afford something bigger. The apartment has two bedrooms one and a half bathrooms. There is a small kitchen and a small living room area. The guest bedroom is located off of the living room. The doorway is arched and the room is more of an alcove than an actual room. The arched doorway is twice as wide as a standard doorway. I suggested that he place a futon sofa bed in this space. This would extend the seating area in the living room, but would still give him a place to have an overnight guest. The half bath and a large closet in the space allows for privacy for the guest and their belongings.

We went to look for a futon sofa bed. They are available with wooden frames or metal frames. A futon sofa bed is the size of a regular couch. The frame is designed to fold down flat or to be bent at an angle. The mattress folds in the middle to create the seat and back rest for the couch. The futon sofa bed idea seemed a good one when we were in the apartment, but as we were shopping we realized that they were quite large. The design of the futon sofa bed did not go well with the other furniture that he had in the area. He decided to purchase an oversized chair that folds out into a twin bed. This would provide a space that is more comfortable than sleeping on a sofa, but does not take up so much room. He did not want a sofa bed because he did not think they were comfortable. The large chair along with a lamp stand and large ottoman looks great in the space, and provides him with a nice reading nook. He decided that he is going to buy a second chair sleeper for the space. The two chairs can share the ottoman. When we were done we agreed that this area was now our favorite spot in the apartment.