So You Want to Write a Book?

You’d probably be amazed at just how many people dream of it. In my lifetime I’ve heard countless peers and random individuals talk about it. What am I referring to? Writing a book! Now, why do you suppose so many people, many who are not even talented writers, want to write a book? Could it be that they want to voice their opinion and get paid large sums of cash for doing so? Or maybe they have a story that’s been lingering in the back of their minds, just waiting to get out. Either way, you must know how to write a book before you actually start scribbling down sentences. Well, that is if you expect a publishing company to consider it.

There are all sorts of writers in this world. Some like to report current events and tragic stories. Others indulge in more personal poetry and songwriting. And some are just out to make a living at it. The two highest paid writing professions in the world today concern fiction and screenwriting. Naturally the world is loaded with people striving to craft scripts and others learning how to write a book. They want to earn that fat paycheck. So, since these are the highest paid, they’re also the toughest to break into. David Koepp and Stephen King are no slouches. These guys know how to get the job done right. Hence their numerous successes over the years. Now, if you really want to learn how to write a book or craft a screenplay, I suggest you take a course specializing in it. I’ll bet a nearby University offers one. On top of that, read a book that breaks down the process. There are oodles of them to choose from. You have to understand what’s involved first and foremost.

So, you’ve decided to become a writer in your spare time and you’re raring to go. You’ve taken the standard course and read a few books. Excellent! Surely by now you understand the process much clearer. Now it’s time to focus on what sells. Just because you now know how to write a book, doesn’t mean you know what to write about. Check out what’s selling these days. Fiction is at the top of the game. Finally, be sure to read the works of great contemporary authors and see how they write. This can be very beneficial and set you on the right track to success.