What to Do When You are Looking for Someone

Even in the world of instant communication we all live in, from time-to-time we lose touch with people. It may be a friend from grade or middle school or perhaps someone you once dated. It can be difficult to locate someone if you don’t know exactly where they live. Although most online telephone directories are a great resource, they only provide information for those who choose to have a listed telephone number. When you are looking for someone and you can’t seem to find them, there are a few things you can do.

You can start with any mutual friends or acquaintances you had in common. Other people can be a valuable source of information. Someone else may have stayed in closer contact with the person you are looking for. If they did, and they are wary about giving out a phone number or email address you can reach them at, supply your own information so it can be passed on to the person you want to reconnect with. If you are looking for someone whose parents still live in your area, give them a call and see if they remember you.

It never hurts to do a quick online search for the person. You may be surprised at what information pops up in a search engine. Even if the person hasn’t taken on celebrity status, there may be a few clues as to where they are. Business professionals often have contact information listed on websites as do people who post to forums. Take a quick moment to do a search to see if there’s any public information about your long lost friend or lover. This can be a great route to take when you are looking for someone.

Many alumni associations now have online directories that allow you to send messages to others. If you are looking for someone you went to college with, this may be your best bet. Visit the school’s website and see what they have set up for alumni. In the process of looking for one long lost friend, you may be surprised to find another. Even if the person in question can’t be reached this way, you may connect with someone who does know where they are.

There’s no need to get discouraged when at first you don’t succeed in your search. With all the various resources available online, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the person you are searching for. Just put on a junior private investigator hat and follow the clues until you make contact. It’s always great to connect with someone you knew years ago. Just imagine all the interesting things you’ll be able to share with them. It may even be the beginning of a renewed relationship.